Echoes from the Grave

Echoes from the Grave

In the 1960s, Nancy and Ron Stallings can't believe their luck when they find a historic Baltimore house within their price range and large enough for their Brady Bunch-like family. Their first sign of trouble comes from the seller, who delivers a cryptic warning. After they've moved in, they experience weird phenomena. Faucets go on and off by themselves. The dish drainer moves from one counter to another in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, Nancy is having a recurring nightmare about an evil old woman attacking her family. Ron has his uncle, a priest, come to the house and bless it. But that night, something causes the objects on the porch to fly around and hit the house. Nancy finally writes to the ghost expert Hans Holzer, who, with the help of a trance medium, finally sheds some light on what is happening. Written by J. Spurlin

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  • IMDb: 7.9

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