Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Outwardly, twenty-six year old Rebecca's life seems great, as witnessed by her recent promotion to junior partner at the prestigious New York City law firm where she works. But she knows she isn't happy, as she once tried to commit suicide while in college, is on a plethora of prescription medications to deal with her anxiety, and her whole life has been spent on her career primarily at the urging of her controlling mother. It isn't until she runs into Josh Chan, who she hasn't seen in ten years, they who dated at summer camp that year and he who broke up with her at the end of camp, that she realizes that what would make her happy is being with Josh. The problem is is that he, after living in New York for eight months and not being able to make it there, has decided to go home to West Covina, California, where he says everyone is happy. So Rebecca decides to be happy by declining the promotion and packing up and moving to West Covina on the premise that she has a job there, while ... Written by Huggo

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