Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Rebecca's current Paula-directed plan to be with Josh has the potential to fall apart when Valencia and Greg, wanting to catch her in a lie, confront her with Trent Maddock, her Harvard classmate who is supposed to be her new boyfriend. Despite not having seen Rebecca since their Harvard days, Trent willingly goes along with Rebecca's ruse, he who has his own ulterior motives in doing so which he makes quite clear to her in the process. Rebecca has no option but to keep Trent around, he who could still prove useful in other ways. With Bert's information in hand, Rebecca and the legal team proceed with a class action lawsuit in which they have to mobilize the residents of neighboring communities within the San Gabriel Valley to sue Greater City Water. She learns that Greater City Water has hired a high powered New York law firm with the lead lawyer being her childhood nemesis, Audra Levine, who has the job for which Rebecca was considered before moving to West Covina, which makes the ... Written by Huggo

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