Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

Now that Rebecca and Greg are having sex with each other, they have to figure out what it all means. The balance of power in their relationship may also shift because of it. Most people around them know that both are getting it and most that see the two of them together know that they are doing it with each other. Josh is somewhat in denial about it, as he is feeling pressure from Valencia to get married as they deal with Josh's sister's wedding. The one person who has not seen the two of them together is Paula, who knows that Rebecca is getting some, which she is perfectly fine with in the state of what is happening between her and Josh, as long as that person with who she is getting it is not Greg. As such, Rebecca has to decide what exactly to tell Paula. Rebecca and Paula also have to figure out what will replace Rebecca getting together with Josh as the focus of their friendship. Although they may try to fill that void, a question becomes whether that issue can sustain their ... Written by Huggo

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