Dear Dad

Dear Dad

Just like in the pilot, Hawkeye directs a few words to his father in Maine; this time, in keeping with Christmas spirit, Hawkeye writes them down. Hawkeye describes his first Christmas in Korea: the good Father is giving the camp a Yuletide look...and also helping Klinger make one of his first fashion statements. Trapper is delivering smiles, lollipops and a bouncing baby calf; Radar is delivering a jeep (and a gigantic hernia) to Ottumwa, Iowa. Henry is a much superior friend than superior officer; his lectures on sex are legend because, even with diagrams, no one can figure out how Part A inserts into Person B. The Captains inject Major romantic chaos into date night while Hawkeye gets Major bliss from free samples. Trapper has the heart of Santa Claus, but for once, Hawkeye has his red suit. A helicopter is like a noisy sleigh without reindeer... swinging from a rough, rope ladder, SantaHawk and his medical bag are a sight for sore GIs. Written by LA-Lawyer

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