The Miller Sisters, ensemble orchestra and obnoxious emcee Jackie Flash, are among a group of USO entertainers visiting at the 4077. Doubtful for once, Francis Mulcahy has a crisis of faith as he compares his life's work with that of Hawkeye. Serious for once, Dr. Pierce has good advice for the good father. Fun for once, Frank is the mad prankster, giggling wildly and trying to get a rise out of Hawkeye. Ignoring the 4077 for once, Radar and Henry pace the floors, awaiting the birth of Henry's son. A trio for once, Trapper, Margaret and Ugly John are rumored to have eloped; for days they have toiled to keep a patient alive. Ultimately, USO entertainers get to go home; for the team at the 4077, it is always showtime. Written by LA-Lawyer

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